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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsHave you ever heard that bugs can be deterred using certain scents? They can be. Therefore, you may suspect that this works for bedbugs as well. Although it does, it isn’t a perfect solution. Bedbugs try to avoid certain smells, but it isn’t the most effective way to keep bedbugs out of your home. One thing to note is that male bedbugs will attempt to avoid pheromones that are released by bedbug nymphs. Male bedbugs avoid this smell to avoid mating with baby bedbugs. The only issue here is that this technique is only going to prevent male bedbugs from approaching. Nevertheless, you can find bedbug control products that contain these pheromones. Just remember that this smell isn’t going to stop female bedbugs. How about essential oils? A lot of people suspect that essential oils can stop bedbugs in their tracks. The US Department of Agriculture recently conducted a study to determine how effective essential oils were for this purpose. Although they had an impact on the bedbugs, they weren’t 100% effective. These scents likely won’t stop bedbugs from approaching your home. Nevertheless, the most effective essential oils were silicone oil, spearmint oil, paraffin oil, and blood orange oil. They’ll help, but don’t be surprised when bedbugs continue inside.

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