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Professional Ant Pest Control Pittsburgh PA

Ants are diligent little critters that colonize to survive in the harshest environments. The ant colony consists of the queen, workers, winged and wingless swarmers, and soldiers. It is not difficult to understand the duties of worker ants and soldier ants. Winged and wingless swarmers, on the other hand, are questionable. Winged swarmer ants care for the queen and her eggs and larvae. When breeding season is set to kick in, the winged swarmer leaves the colony behind to start a new ant colony. This is how the ant population continues to expand throughout North America.

Ant colonies have been known to expand into the tens of thousands, depending on the food supply and the soldiers’ ability to fight off enemies. Ants are combative at times, especially when it comes to survival. It is not unusual for an ant colony to attack another ant colony to capture its food supply.

Why Is My Pittsburgh Home Being Attacked By Ants?

Ants will infiltrate homes and businesses when their food supply dwindles down to the minimum. Residential and commercial buildings with vulnerable pest barriers will be infiltrated by ants almost immediately. What is a vulnerable pest barrier? Holes, gaps, and crevices around door and window frames, damaged thresholds, air conditioning duct, soffit, and cracks in the foundation and crawlspace or basement.

Every structural component of your home is responsible for keeping insect intruders out. When one or more of the structural components are vulnerable, your home will be at risk of an ant infiltration.

What Is The Most Recommended Ant Pest Control?

Professional pest management is recommended by most Pittsburgh exterminators and exterminator contractors. We also recommend professional ant management because it combines industrial-strength pesticides with routine visual inspections and glue traps. When industrial-strength pesticides are compared to over-the-counter pesticides, the difference is extraordinary.

Our professional ant management is initiated by a visual pest inspection. During the inspection, the exterminator inspects the home to determine if it is indeed infested. If the home is determined to be infested with ants, the exterminator will begin to assess the situation to determine the severity of the infestation. All data collected during the inspection is then utilized to devise an effective extermination strategy.

Do Industrial-Strength Pesticides Pose Health Risks To Humans?

Chemical Pesticides do contain ingredients that do pose human and animal health risks with long-time exposure. Our goal is to protect our clients and their family and pets during and after each pesticide treatment. If you are overly concerned about chemical pesticide exposure, we highly recommend our eco-friendly formulas, which are chemical-free.

One way we protect the household members is to vacate the impacted home. Post-treatment, the occupants are required to remain out of the home for at least two hours, four hours tops.

Is Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Suitable For Ant Infestations?

We do not believe it is. DIY pesticides have the lowest potency of all pest control products. Unfortunately, these pesticide formulas are not strong enough to eradicate more than a handful of ants with each treatment. Since you are dealing with a full-blown ant infestation, a DIY pesticide is just not effective in fully eradicating a full-blown ant infestation.

Can I Schedule The Ant Inspection When I Am At Work?

Processing a pest control service request takes between 24 and 48 hours. When insect activity is at its highest, the demand for pest management is also at its highest. If you are experiencing an ant problem during this time, you can expect a slightly longer delay. This is normal across the industry, as the City of Pittsburgh is in constant need of pest control services.

As far as the appointment goes, we allow our clients to choose a date and time that is suitable for their schedule. Yes, we can perform the ant inspection while you are away. Just relay this information to the customer support team upon the submission of your service request.

When Is The Right Time To Call In The Exterminator?

There is no right or wrong time to request assistance from a licensed exterminator. You can contact an exterminator upon detection of ants in your home or after a DIY inspection that revealed signs of an infestation. Our exterminators work extended hours to deliver a speedy response to all pest control requests.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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