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Professional Beetle Extermination Pittsburgh

Beetle infiltration is a seasonal problem in Pittsburgh, which begins in late fall, lasting until the winter season kicks in each year. Beetles come in every shape and size, with three pairs of legs, two antennas, and a bi-segmented body. The beetle also comes in various colors – dark brown, yellow polka dots, yellow stripes, reddish/black, multi-colored, blue, green, solid black, red polka dots,  and orange.

What Are The Most Common Beetle Sighting In Pittsburgh?

There are three beetle species that commonly infiltrate buildings in Pittsburgh. These include the powder post, longhorn, and ground beetle species. If you are new to the City of Pittsburgh, you may as well know now, a beetle encounter is a high possibility.

Why Do Beetles Attack Homes In Pittsburgh?

Beetles target and attack homes everywhere. They do not just attack homes in Pittsburgh. In fact, thousands of beetle infiltration cases are reported each year. Infiltration is initiated the second, beetle enters your home.

In their natural habitat, the beetle is drawn to decaying wood structures, piles of firewood, lumber, and yard debris, and downed trees. Access points are generally located around door frames and window frames, heat pump ductwork, crawlspace vents, and plumbing and electrical wiring inlets and outlets.

Are Beetles Venomous?

No, beetles do not secret venom, a toxic secretion. While some species of beetles do bite, victims only report mild allergic reactions in most cases. The beetle utilizes its mouthparts to fight off predators, forage for food, and during feedings.

What Is The Best Beetle Control Solution Recommended By Licensed Exterminators?

Beetles do not always colonize like the ant, honeybee, carpenter ant, and yellowjacket. When the insect does colonize, there is a risk of a full-blown infestation. A few beetles can easily be eradicated with over-the-counter insecticides, which will have little to no positive impact on an infestation. Beetle infestation must be treated with professional pest control products, routine visual inspections, and adhesive traps.

Will DIY Pesticide Be Enough To Treat A Beetle Infiltration?

It really depends on the severity of the beetle infiltration. Insect infiltration is rated mild to severe, with the former being the least problematic. The only way to determine the severity of your beetle problem is through a visual inspection. Our exterminators inspect homes, searching for signs that point to a pest infiltration. The signs of a beetle infiltration is live insects, fecal droppings, damaged non-perishable food packaging,

How Do I Request A Beetle Inspection In Pittsburgh?

Our pest control service request process is quick and simple. The process can be completed via our official website, landline, and email. We need between 24 and 48 hours to process the request. If you are overly concerned about your beetle infiltration, please feel free to inquire about our same-day and emergency pest control services.

Does Beetle Pesticide Contain Environmentally-Unfriendly Ingredients?

Chemical-based pest control products are harmful to the environment when misused. To avoid these risks, our exterminators heed the manufacturer’s recommendations for storage, transport, and handling. Our pest control product line is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Is Professional Beetle Control Expensive?

Whether you are aware or not, Pittsburgh considers can save money by taking advantage of our professional beetle management services. Over-the-counter pesticides and insecticides are low-strength formulas with limited effectiveness. Consumers can invest hundreds of dollars in conventional, OTC pesticides. When you compare the overall expense to one of our custom pest control packages, you could save a bit of money and achieve quicker and better results.

How Can I Protect My Pittsburgh Home From A Repeat Beetle Infiltration?

We suggest initiating a beetle prevention strategy that targets your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. Utilize a waterproof sealant to fill in beetle access points. Afterward, you can start working on the removal of all decaying wood structures from your property.

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