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Professional Flea Pest Control Pittsburgh PA

Fleas are bothersome for many animal species – deer, raccoon, ferret, dog, cat, squirrel, and fox. It is unfortunate, but a single flea can turn into a major infestation for every home in a small community. Fleas are what experts describe as “pest hitchhikers.” They will hitchhike rides with unaware humans and animals, with the latter being the more preferred.

Most Common Flea Species In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What is the most commonly reported flea sighting in Pennsylvania? The cat flea is a more commonly reported sighting in the State of Pennsylvania. Do not wipe the sweat from your forehead just yet. The feline is not the only animal species targeted by the cat flea. In fact, cat fleas have infested an array of animal species – canines, deer, skunk, and opossum.

The cat flea “Ctenocephalides felis” shares pretty much the same features as other flea species. The insect’s long, flexible legs are capable of pushing the cat flea from point A to point B for about 15 centimeters. The insect’s flat body allows it to smoothly and quickly maneuver through dense animal fur and evade capture.

How To Protect Your Home From Flea Infestation?

Even if your home is occupied with pets, there are a few things you can do to protect it from flea infestation. Yes, fleas target homes that are not occupied with cats and dogs. In fact, they will feed on human blood when an animal host is nowhere to be found.

  • Do not adopt a cat or dog until you are prepared to take on the responsibility
  • Develop an anti-parasite treatment strategy for your pets
  • Routinely mow the lawn and pick up and dispose of lawn debris
  • Post “do not feed the wildlife” signs along the perimeter of your property. Encourage family and neighbors to not feed the wildlife passersby
  • Routinely visually inspect animal quarters, searching for signs of flea infestation. Flea dirt (flea fecal droppings), live insects, larvae, and eggs
  • Routinely clean your pet’s living quarters
  • Vacuum your entire home, including pet living quarters to remove live fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, and flea dirt

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