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Professional Ladybug Pest Control Pittsburgh PA

The ladybug is a “Coccinellidae” member. Coccinellidae is a beetle family that includes the ladybug and other species. There are more than 5,000 Coccinellidae members that range between 1/32 and ½ inch in length. The insect’s most distinguishable physical characteristic is its shell-like wings that range between red, yellow, and orange with black polka dots. There are about 450 Coccinellidae members found throughout North America.

Ladybugs are both helpful and a nuisance to industrial, commercial, and private farmers. As a helpful insect, the ladybug becomes a pollinator, an insect that helps with plant reproduction. Ladybugs, mosquitoes, and some bee species pollinate watermelon, strawberries, corn, cucumbers, and beans.

Why Are Ladybugs Targeting My Pittsburgh Property?

Ladybugs meet the criteria to be declared an “overwintering pest.” The overwintering pest enters a dormant state as winter is preparing to set in. These insects remain in the overwintering state until the following year when the weather begins to warm.

When insects enter the overwintering state in their natural habitat, they are exposed to extremely cold temperatures, snow, sleet, and icy winds. To avoid the harsh winter weather, the ladybug and other overwintering pests – stinkbugs, box elder bugs, and cluster fly – home infiltration is a necessity.

Do Ladybugs Spread Disease To Humans?

No, ladybugs do not transmit disease or parasites to animals or humans. They also do not damage the structure of homes they infiltrate. However, the ladybug “Asian lady beetle” does emit a secretion that generates a foul odor similar to burnt peanuts or raw potatoes. The secretion contains a chemical known as “pyrazine,” which contributes to the strong odor. Pyrazine is also known to stain specific surfaces like upholstery and painted walls.

What Pest Control Strategy Is Suitable For Ladybug Infiltration?

Ladybugs do not colonize, resulting in a lower risk of an infestation. However, the insect pollutes impacted homes by other means. The pyrazine-based secretion can permanently damage upholstery, drapery, and other materials.

The ladybug is generally not that difficult to detect because it tends to hang out around bright lights and windows where the sun is shining through. The secretion and fecal droppings can be found in areas where the ladybug has frequented.

Our professional pest management is highly recommended for ladybug infiltration. We combine visual inspections and industrial-strength pesticides to fully eradicate ladybugs in at least two separate treatments. Three to four weeks post-pesticide treatment, the exterminator will perform a visual inspection. The post-treatment inspection will help the exterminator determine the effectiveness of your custom professional ladybug control strategy.

Do You Recommend DIY Pest Control Products For Ladybug Infiltration?

There are several factors that determine the best pest control treatment for ladybug infiltration. These factors include severity, location, and damage. We believe our professional ladybug control is the best option for Pittsburgh consumers. However, we understand you may be concerned about cost. To determine the actual overall cost for a custom professional pest control solution, we recommend a free written quote.

We offer free written ladybug pest management quotes, consultations, and estimates per appointment only.

Does Ladybug Pest Control Endanger The Lives Of Humans?

Yes, but only when it is misused. Our exterminators are required to undergo an extensive safety training course upon hire. We hold annual pesticide safety courses that all employees are required to attend. This is part of an effort to protect the environment, humans, and animals from unnecessary, dangerous chemical pesticide exposure.

Our pest control product line is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is a government agency responsible for the sale and production of pesticides in the United States.

What Can I Do To Protect My Pittsburgh Home From A Repeat Ladybug Infestation?

You can repair and update your home’s vulnerable pest barrier, which consists of windows, doors, floors, ceilings, and walls. All of these structures are responsible for keeping insect intruders out of your home and in their natural habitat. Utilize a waterproof silicone to fill openings that can be accessed by ladybugs and other pests.

You can rely on our Pittsburgh exterminators and certified technicians to assist in your time of need. Be sure to take advantage of our free ladybug inspection to determine if there is a problem and the severity of the problem if ladybugs are detected in your home.

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