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Box Elder Bugs

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The box elder “boxelder” bug is an insect species that meet the required criteria to be called an “overwintering pest.” Overwintering pests, such as the stinkbug, ladybug, and cluster fly, spend the winter season in a hibernation-like state. The only difference is overwintering pests are insects, not animals like the prairie dog, bear, hedgehog, common poorwill, and a common box turtle.

Thanks to its black wings that are outlined in a bright red, the box elder bug is easily identifiable. No special skills, experience, or license is required to identify the insect. All you need is a bit of knowledge of the box elder bug. But, this is nothing new, as it is across the insect world

Why Are Box Elder Bugs Infesting My Home?

Box elder bugs target all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings beginning in the late fall. Only buildings with weak pest barriers will be successfully infiltrated by box elder bugs. Pest infiltration is generally contributed to small access points that lead from the exterior to the interior of a building.

Pest access points may not be visible to humans but are widely visible to pests.

Do Box Elder Bugs Pose Health Risks To Seniors?

It is common knowledge, elderly adults are one of the world’s most vulnerable age groups besides infants and people with immunodeficiency disorders. While it is only natural to be concerned about elderly adults following a pest infiltration, box elder bugs do not transmit disease or parasite to humans or animals.

What Pest Control Strategy Does Pittsburgh Exterminators Suggest For Box Elder Bug Infestation?

Box elder bug infestation is complex, requiring a complex pest control solution. To fully eradicate a box elder infestation, it is crucial to gain control of the overall population. When carbon dioxide emissions are at their highest so are insect infestations, this is especially true for the mosquito and bed bugs. When carbon dioxide emissions are combined with high temperatures, no one’s home or business is safe from pest infiltration.

Our professional pest control is the solution for controlling the box elder bug population in the City of Pittsburgh.

Will DIY Pest Control Impact A Full-Blown Box Elder Bug Infestation?

Box elder bugs, on the other hand, are drawn to the indoors as a result of the strong need for a warm, safe winter shelter. There is not pest control strategy strong enough to fully diminish the box elder bug population. However, professional pest control products – industrial-strength pesticides and insecticides – can help.

Over-the-counter and homemade pesticides will only do so much to fight against box elder bug infiltration and infestation, with the latter being the most problematic.

Should I Be Worried About Chemical Pesticide Exposure?

It is perfectly normal to be concerned about chemical exposure. Regardless of the application, chemicals do pose a health risk to humans and animals and environmental danger. Our goal is to minimize these risks when utilizing chemical-based pesticides in pest extermination applications.

We take chemical pesticide safety seriously, which is why we refuse to initiate treatment in box elder bug infested-homes while occupied by humans and animals.

Do Victims Need Special Skills To Push Back Against Box Elder Bugs?

No, they just need to partner with our Pittsburgh exterminators. We offer a broad range of extermination treatments, which always include a free visual pest inspection. We believe no extermination treatment is complete without visual inspections.

There are few things you can do to jumpstart the professional pest control process. The first task is to tackle your home’s vulnerable pest barrier, utilizing a waterproof sealant. Fill in all openings that are accessible to your home from the exterior. When you seal these openings, you are not only keeping box elder bugs out but also other pest species as well.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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