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Mice Rats And Rodents

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All household pests are problematic, but some will create more problems than others. One of the worst household pests is the rodent. When rodents find a way to enter your home, you’re going to have serious problems to deal with. You’ll need to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible. However, you won’t be able to fix the problem until you’ve identified the species.

What Are Rodents

A rodent is a term used to describe rats and mice. There are many rat species, but some are more common. The most common rat species in our area are Norway rats and roof rats. As with other rodents, they’re commensal. As a result, they’re going to live with humans so they can survive and thrive. Commensal rodents benefit greatly from living with humans. Norway rats are larger than roof rats. They typically range in size from 7 to 9 inches and have a tail up to 8 inches in length.

Their blunt-ended droppings are usually three-quarters of an inch. If you’re living with Norway rats, you’ll find rodent droppings, burrows, and chew marks in your home. You’ll also have to watch out for roof rats. The difference between the two is that roof rats prefer living above your bedroom and kitchen. They grow up to eight inches in length and have smooth, brown hair. Their tails can grow up to 10 inches. As for their droppings, they’re generally half an inch.

Rodent Health Hazards

Ignore a rodent infestation at your own peril. Doing so will lead to big problems in the future. The issue is that rodents will turn your life upside down. They’ll destroy your home and potentially make you ill. Once they’re in your home, they can contaminate your food sources and make you sick. They can spread mycoplasma and many other illnesses. Plus, they’ll destroy your food, belongings, and home.

Eliminating Rodents

Homeowners need to do whatever they can to get rid of rodents. Otherwise, the problem will worsen and continue ruining your valuable assets. Unfortunately, fixing the problem without professional assistance won’t be easy. We recommend working with us because we’re going to address and fix the infestation quickly. Our rodent program is the fastest and more efficient way to deal with it.

Doing It Yourself

Can you eliminate a bedbug infestation without professional assistance? You can try. Depending on the techniques you use, you might succeed. It is hard to say for certain. However, there is a good chance that you’re going to run into serious roadblocks. Trying to fix a rodent infestation won’t be easy. A lot of people have tried and many of them will fail. If you’re worried about dealing with large rodents, it is best to work with an exterminator. Protect yourself by hiring us.

When Can It Begin?

Contact us to learn more about our rodent removal services. Someone from our office will contact you within 48 hours.

Safer Solutions

Our company works diligently to provide safer solutions. We always use EPA-registered products to fix rodent infestations. Plus, we’re going to follow unique protocols to ensure that you receive high-quality results. Our solutions won’t cause any problems for humans, pets, or plants. When you work with us, you’ll know that everything is going to be okay. If safety protocols have to be taken, we’ll let you know.

Preventing Problems

Work with us to fix a rodent infestation. Once we’ve eliminated them, you’ll want to do what you can to keep them out. For instance, you need to keep your home as clean as possible. Deal with any cracks or gaps to keep pests out of your home.

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Mice Rat and Rodents

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