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When dealing with a bedbug infestation, heat could be the best solution to the problem. Our bedbug heat treatments are always reliable. We have several techniques for eliminating bedbugs, but heat is one of our most reliable methods. We offer conventional methods as well as thermal heat treatments.

We are confident that heat is one of the most efficient and effective ways to eliminate a bedbug infestation.

Heat Treatments Work

Although there are alternate ways to eliminate bedbugs in a dwelling, heat tends to be one of the most efficient methods. The primary benefit of heat is that this method can eliminate an infestation in one visit. The extreme temperatures will be able to seep deep into the cracks and crevices where bedbugs might be hiding. Furthermore, heat treatments the whole in its entirety. Whether bedbugs are hiding in cracks or crawling on the ground, the method will eliminate them.

Even if you can’t see the bedbugs hiding in cracks, mattresses, or holes, our heat treatments will eliminate them. The process raises the home’s temperature to 140-degrees or higher. Once this happens, the bedbugs will die. They cannot tolerate the extreme heat. If they can’t escape the dwelling, they will die.

Always Reliable

Our clients prefer our heat treatments because they’re always reliable. However, it is important to remember that no treatment is perfect. There is always a chance that something is going to go wrong. Bedbugs may escape the home while our exterminator is treating the home. If this happens, they might return and reproduce in the home. Using heat is one of the most effective ways to eliminate bedbugs.

It eliminates bugs that are hiding as well as those that are not. We’ll do our best to trap them in the home so we can eliminate all of them.


For our heat treatments to be effective, we need to make sure that your home remains 140-degrees or higher. For the best results, we try to maintain these temperatures for two hours or longer. Our exterminator will pay close attention to the temperatures to ensure that the bedbugs in your can be eliminated. If the temperatures fluctuate, the bedbugs may survive. Our exterminators are reliable and consistent so they’ll eliminate the bugs swiftly.

Staying Out Of Your Dwelling

If you agree to be a client of ours, we’ll do everything we can to keep you safe. For instance, we’re going to ask you to stay out of the home until our process is completed. The extreme heat will eliminate the bedbugs, but it could create problems for humans as well. In all likelihood, it is safe. Nevertheless, we don’t want to subject our clients to any unnecessary risks.

With that being said, we’re going to ask you to leave your home and stay away until the process is finished. In general, it only takes a few hours to eliminate bedbugs using heat. Our exterminator will notify you when it is okay to return. Contact our office to schedule an appointment or learn more about our heat treatments.

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