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Carpenter Bees

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Professional Carpenter Bee Pest Control Pittsburgh PA

Carpenter bees can be found all throughout North America, including the City of Pittsburgh. Nearly every human on the planet has encountered a carpenter bee, whether they were aware of it or not. Of course, you may have confused the carpenter bee for a bumblebee because they share many of the same physical characteristics. The adult carpenter bee grows up to 1-1/2 inches long,

Differentiating between the bumblebee and carpenter bee is as simple as assessing both insects’ abdomen. The bumblebee’s abdomen is covered with dense hair, similar to fuzz. The carpenter bee, on the other hand, has a hairless abdomen.

Differentiating between the two sexes is fairly easy as well. The male is a mixture of orange and black while his female counterpart is solid black.

Why Is My Pittsburgh Home Under A Carpenter Bee Attack?

The carpenter bee is a parasocial flying insect, meaning it does not colonize, but pairs with a mate to breed. A carpenter bee behavior that sets it apart from many other stinging insects is its breeding habits. After breeding, the male dies, the female moves forward by erecting a nest for her young.

The carpenter bee nest is unique as well. Instead of building large circular- or teardrop-shaped nests, the female carpenter bee bores holes in rotting wood structures, such as downed trees, fence posts, deck railing, and tree stumps. The holes have the appearance of a tunnel that leads to the nest. The purpose of the tunneling is to protect the young from their biggest predator. The woodpecker is drawn to carpenter bee larvae. In fact, the bird species can hear the larvae deep in their nest, which starts a food chain reaction.

Should I Be Concerned About My Home When A Carpenter Bee Nest Is Nearby?

It is possible for a carpenter bee nest to be problematic for property owners. Since the carpenter bee targets decaying wood, your home may become a target. If the structure of your home is in good condition, there will be little risk of the exterior components becoming a carpenter bee nest.

Carpenter bees do their fair share of damage to trees and other wood structures. But, the damage is minor compared to the damage caused by carpenter bee larvae-thirty woodpeckers. These birds will spend hours pecking away about the bored tunnels created by the female carpenter bee. If this means excessive damage, it means excessive damage is necessary to access the larvae.

What Pest Control Approach Is Recommended By Your Pittsburgh Exterminators?

Carpenter bees, especially the female, pose a danger to humans and animals. The insect has no way of differentiating between a predator and an innocent passerby. If you or your pet enters the area where the carpenter bee nest is located, there is a risk potential. While the female is the only carpenter bee with a stinger, both genders pose danger when their nest is threatened. Even though your intention is not to harm the carpenter bees or the nest, you are still in danger of being stung.

Our professional carpenter bee extermination is highly recommended by all of our Pittsburgh-based exterminators. You can also pose this question to other Pittsburgh exterminators and most likely get the same response.

Will DIY Pest Control Eradicate A Carpenter Bee Infestation?

It could, since carpenter bees do not colonize, an infestation is rarely a risk. However, if the female carpenter is open to sharing her nest with other female carpenter bees, an infestation is a possibility. The more female carpenter bees involved, the higher the risk of someone getting stung or attacked. Yes, carpenter bees do attack predators like other bee species, even though the male does not sting and the female rarely stings.

Carpenter bee stings are painful. Even worse, for someone with bee sting allergies. So, we do not recommend DIY pest control for these cases.

Will My Plants Be Exposed To Chemicals During Pesticide Treatment?

We take extra precautions to protect the environment from unnecessary exposure to chemicals found in conventional pesticides. If you consider yourself a personal environmentalist, we can recommend our eco-friendly pesticide formulas and treatments. These products have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

How Can I Protect My Pittsburgh Property From A Repeat Carpenter Bee Infiltration?

The only way to prevent a future carpenter bee infiltration is to get rid of the next. Carpenters bees are unique, in that they return to the same nest from one breeding season to the nest. As long as the nest is left undisturbed, it will be targeted by carpenter bees and possibly woodpeckers every breeding season here on out.

You will need to remove the impacted wood structure from your property and have it disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive On Treatment Day?

You can expect the exterminator to arrive within five to 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment. Please feel free to contact our Pittsburgh office if you have any more questions about our carpenter bee pest control. If you call during business hours, we can connect you to one of our pest control experts. Be sure to inquire about our same-day and emergency pest management services as well.

We offer a full array of pesticide formulas – natural, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, chemical-based, and conventional. If you are concerned about price, feel free to take advantage of our pest control consultation, which comes with a written quote.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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