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Pittsburgh PA Professional Earwig Pest Control

Earwigs are small centipede-like insects, with one major difference. The entipede has up to 177 pairs of legs. The earwig is a member of the Dermaptera order, an insect characterization utilized in reference to small species with long, slender bodies. Dermaptera insects have appendages that protrude from the abdomen. The earwig’s appendages operate in the same manner as surgical forceps or tongs.

The appendages play a major role in the earwig’s survival and reproduction. The curvature of the appendages “cerci” makes it easier for earwigs to forage for food and copulate.

Why Are Earwigs Targeting My Pittsburgh Home?

The earwig is a solitary insect that does not colonize. If you see an earwig, there may or may not be another earwig in the nearby vicinity. For this reason, earwig infestations are extremely rare. The insect infiltrates homes via small gaps, crevices, and openings in weak door frames, thresholds, air conditioning vents, crawlspace closures, and cracks in basements.

The insect has both winged and wingless species. While the winged earwig has flying capabilities, it rarely utilizes it. The largest earwig species – Saint Helena Giant earwig – is three inches in length. The rest are two inches long and shorter.

After infiltration, the insect initiates a search for a discrete, warm, and damp hiding place. Its hiding place is very common in damp, dark areas like underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks, basements, and crawlspace. They can also be found in sauna and spa rooms as well.

Are Earwigs Dangerous To Humans?

No, earwigs do not carry disease or parasites. They are not known to bite. They may utilize their pincers to protect themselves if captured by humans. But, the earwig cerci are not strong enough to pierce human skin.

As far as house plants go, earwigs have been known to cause serious damage. They feed on flowers and some organic materials.

What Is The Most Recommended Earwig Extermination Strategy?

Earwigs are not known to infest homes. But, they will infiltrate homes, bringing more earwigs and other pest species with them. If you discover an earwig in your home, there may or may not be another earwig in the nearby vicinity. However, earwigs are notorious for utilizing the same exterior-to-interior passage into homes as other insect species.

Our professional pest control is highly recommended for earwig infiltration. If you cannot locate the earwig’s hiding place, it will be impossible to fully eliminate the infiltration. Our professional earwig management includes visual inspections and industrial-strength pesticides, along with adhesive insect traps, depending on the severity of the infiltration.

When Can I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive?

A professional earwig inspection service request requires between 24 and 48 hours to fully process. We will contact you upon the completion of the process, at which time you will be permitted to set an appointment date for the inspection.

Does Earwig Pest Control Harm Plants And Animals?

It is a fact, some pesticide formulas do contain environmentally unfriendly ingredients. Thanks to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pesticide manufacturers and exterminators are held accountable for the misuse of chemical pesticides. We are required by law to heed the EPA pesticide guidelines, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What Do I Need To Protect My Pittsburgh Home From A Repeat Earwig Infiltration?

You just need to reach out to our Pittsburgh-based extermination company. We work extended hours to bring the citizens of Pittsburgh what we believe is a top-rated pest control service. While you are waiting on the exterminator’s arrival, we suggest targeting your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. Utilizing a waterproof caulk, fill in all earwig access points, around door frames, crawlspace or basement vents, foundation cracks, and air conditioner ducts.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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