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Bed Bugs

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Learning more about bedbugs is wise because you never know when you’re going to experience a bedbug infestation. These ectoparasites prefer consuming human blood, but they’ll also suck blood from animals. As their name suggests, bedbugs prefer hiding in your bed. Most of them will hide on your mattress, but some will spread to your box spring, bed frame, and rugs. They’re roughly 3/16th of an inch so they’re not easy to spot.

Reasons For Bedbugs

Are you wondering why bedbugs are in your home? They typically invade homes because they’re searching for food. They know that they can consume your blood and thrive. However, they can enter the home using numerous methods, including hiding in used items. If you’re going to purchase used furniture or clothes, you might get bedbugs. You need to pay close attention to the used items to ensure that you aren’t bringing them home with you. Staying at a motel can also create problems. Bedbugs from the motel will climb in your luggage and you’ll bring them home.

Finally, it is possible for bedbugs to travel from one dwelling to another.

Bedbug Dangers

Bedbugs aren’t physically dangerous. They can bite you, but they won’t transmit dangerous diseases. Some bedbug bites will cause itchy, red welts. However, not all bedbugs will cause bedbug bites.

Eliminating Bedbugs

Our company can eliminate bedbugs using numerous techniques. You’ll need to research and find out which one is going to work best for you. Doing so is the best way to protect your home and your loved ones. Below, you’ll find more about our bedbug removal services.

Manual Services

Our manual bedbug services can eliminate bedbugs from certain areas of the home. It works swiftly, but the resident needs to prepare extensively for our arrival. We’ll give you a list of actions that need to be taken. Our company offers manual services with or without chemicals.

Heat Treatments

Many of our clients rely on our heat treatments because they’re quick and convenient. Even if the home is cluttered, we can eliminate the pests using our heat treatments. The process is convenient because the client doesn’t need to prepare much. Instead, you can call our office and wait for us to arrive. We generally don’t use chemicals with this treatment. However, we may use Diatomaceous Earth to eliminate the bugs.


We can eliminate bedbugs using fumigation. However, we only recommend this service for large structures. Little is required from the client but they will need to leave the building. In general, they should be able to return within 24 to 48 hours. Our exterminators use Vikane when eliminating bedbugs using fumigation.

Handling It Yourself

Can you handle a bedbug infestation yourself? You could try, but you likely won’t obtain satisfactory results. The problem is that bedbugs are difficult to find and kill. Using pesticides or DIY methods isn’t as effective as you might believe. Plus, some of these methods can be dangerous. Hire us and take care of the problem swiftly without putting anyone at risk.

Safer Treatments

We know that you want to eliminate the pests without creating additional problems for yourself. As a result, we’re going to provide safer treatments. We always incorporate natural products and methods into our treatments. We also try to use mechanical methods when possible. In some cases, conventional methods are needed. In this case, you’re going to follow precise guidelines to ensure satisfactory results with fewer risks.

The Costs

We strive to offer standard pricing when possible. When we can do this, the price of our treatment will depend on the size of your home.

Preventing Future Problems

Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent bedbugs from invading your home. Be cautious when purchasing used furniture and staying at motels. You never know when bedbugs are lurking around the corner. Always inspect used items before bringing them home.


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